Middleton and Mercer, LLP is a well-established corporation of mature players in the Eve-Online MMORPG. Our membership is based primarily in the United States, but we have and accept players from around the world.

We aim to assist both our members and neighbors. Corporate resources are handled communally: the corporation helps those who help it, and members who contribute are rewarded for their efforts. We despise piracy and seek to protect our allies while actively pursuing our enemies. Piracy is not tolerated in any degree within our ranks.

We sponsor regular activities, provide ship and module assistance, and cooperate to achieve our combined goals. Our focus is primarily on industry: mining, research, production, and trade. We also have a significant military and security presence. We have been hounded by griefers in the past, and now have security for mining and have regular combat practice, including PvP. In short, we seek to be a well-rounded, self-sufficient corporation.

We are always looking for helpful, mature, and like-minded individuals to join us. Whether newbie or veteran, if this describes you, you will find a place at Middleton and Mercer. We look forward to hearing from you.